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Low Flying Rate!

Hello Members, Friends and fellow Aviators,

We are excited to introduce a new rate on our favorite red lady, the Aeroprakt Foxbat (reg: ZU-EJBDesignator: AP22). This aircraft is perfect for the recreational pilot, the hour builder towards a higher licence or to simply gain more flying experience around the most beautiful club in South Africa.

We have also made this new rate available for completing your National Pilot Licence (LSA) and Private Pilot Licence at one of the most competitive rates in the Western Cape!

Speak to us to request a formal quotation on our incredible offer. or +27 (21) 880 0294.

A few facts about the aircraft:

  • Extremely fuel efficient with 4.5 hours endurance
  • One crew plus one Passenger
  • The most economical hour builder in the region
  • Easy to control
  • Great views!
  • 100 Hp Rotax 912 ULS Engine
  • It flies on Mogas (unleaded motor fuel)
  • Fantastic short-field capabilities
  • Great engine cooling
  • Certified for PPL training, Part 61
  • Certified for NPL training, Part 62

Stellenbosch Flying Club has completed numerous ratings and Private Pilot Licences for pilots and members in the Western Cape area using the Foxbat. Featured in the video below is Mr Louw Joubert. He is a recently qualified pilot with us and absolutely loves the aircraft leaving every flight with a massive smile. See below what he has to say about the PPL Training on the Foxbat. This video was captured along the Long Navigation Route: Stellenbosch – Swellendam – Worcester – Tulbach – Stellenbosch. The route offers stunning views of the Western Cape.

Thank you for training with us, Louw!

1) What did you think of the training at SFC?
– Loved every minute of it. I wish I could fly in the week as well and the weekends could not come around more quickly!

2) How would you rate the flight safety standards at SFC?
– Safety is the club’s priority. I know everyone states that, but I must say, the Standard Operating Procedures of SFC really made me feel confident to take the Foxbat for flights without the instructor hammering me with tips… but even when I’m alone, I can hear him!

3) What do you think of the club’s other facilities apart from the Training Centre?
– When you get back to the field and the aircraft is safely parked in the hangar, there is the reward of incredibly delicious meals and a cold one at very affordable prices. The club’s feel is great! I can highly recommend a visit even if you don’t like aeries.

4) Now that your training is complete, what are your plans with your PPL?
– We have a holiday home along the coast in Stilbaai. I guess I’m going to go there more often now! The Foxbat is very fuel efficient and offers great views of the mountain region and ocean along the way.

5) Are you thinking of doing ratings on other aircraft and perhaps a night rating?
– I’m keen do do a 172 conversion and then a Taildragger rating! The bug certainly bit me.

6) What was the highlight of your PPL Training?
– Any flying is the constant highlight for me but the people of SFC are really great. I can recommend the club to anyone to visit. It’s family friendly and a great place to enjoy watching (and judging) landings!

Thank you for visiting this page. The next step is to sit down with our Chief Flying Instructor and discuss your introductory flight and training plan.

Feel free to contact us for more information:
021 880 0294 /

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See you at the club soon,
The SFC Team