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SFC Pilot Shop

Dear Members & Aviators,

Have a look at our products on offer below. If you need something, let us know and we’ll get it ready for you.

Please place orders by phone or by email:
+27 21 880 0294

Avex Navigation (PPL)
Avex Meteorology (PPL)
Avex Principles of Flight (PPL)
Avex Aircraft Technical & General (PPL)
Avex Flight Performance & Planning (PPL)
Avex Human Performance (PPL)
Private Pilot by Jim Davis
Air Pilot’s Manual Vol 4

VFR Knee Board
ASA Flight Computer (Paper)
ASA Protractor
ASA Fuel Tester
ASA Ruler

Pilot Operating Hanbooks

Laminated Maps:
All areas

Speak to us if we can assist.